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Champagne L'esprit de Chapuy

«L'esprit de Chapuy»
In the heart of the Champagne region!

“L’Esprit de Chapuy” was born from the commitment to the achievement of an eclectic palette. It is intended to highlight the amazing delicacy of the Champagne region through its champagnes.

As passionate as enthusiastic, Elodie Higonet-Chapuy, who shares the fate of Champagne “L’Esprit de Chapuy” in Oger, with her sister Aurore, willingly explains the reasons that led to the birth of “L’Esprit de Chapuy”. Created with a method (traditional champagne of course!) and malolactic fermentation only for champagne without vintage, wines were the subject of all attentions to offer the epitome of effervescence in Champagne.

Well balanced, finesse, harmony, delicacy, elegance, freshness but also personality. The qualifiers but also superlatives are linked when it comes to commenting on champagnes that make up the range “L’Esprit de Chapuy”. Mineral, Chardonnay, Chardonnay Vintage, Terroir and Rosé. The variety of styles excites the taste buds, shakes the certainties to lead to great moments of pleasure.

“L’Esprit de Chapuy” is a large and very nice surprise that deserves to be enjoyed and appreciated at all the beautiful occasions!